Welcome to University Village Maxwell Street!

University Village Maxwell Street is located at Maxwell Street, the renowned former “open-air market” that once served as the gateway for immigrants from all over the world, dating back to the mid-nineteenth century. University Village Maxwell Street is infused with a variety of restaurants, taverns, retail outlets, and services, just minutes away from downtown Chicago. The businesses are conveniently located near ample parking and access to major highways. Tour our website for news, dining, shopping, and service offerings, as well as nearby attractions. Plan your trip to enjoy lunch, dinner or a day’s escape at University Village Maxwell Street today!

Classic Meets Modern

This same area, once spared from the infamous Chicago Fire that started on its doorsteps, became the birthplace of the Chicago Blues, Maxwell Street Polishes, musician Benny Goodman's career, and more. The historic buildings, facades, pedestrian-friendly streets, and convenient location carry on Maxwell Street's historic tradition as a retail district. Located on the south end of campus at the University of Illinois at Chicago, University Village Maxwell Street represents a solid marriage of classic and modern Chicago.